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Learning about ukulele sizes is essential for beginners. The difference in sizes can influence which ukelele works best for you.

The four standard ukulele sizes are as follows:


Soprano ukes are the smallest sized ukes available and have the highest tone. It is the most commonly available uke size around and is an extremely popular starter uke for beginners and school students. This size is considered by many experts and aficionados to be the “true’ ukulele size and is known to produce that distinct, sweet, plucky, definitive ukulele sound. It is tuned to GCEA. Players with smaller hands, shorter arms and slight shoulders will prefer this size to the other bigger ukes.


Concert ukes are larger sized ukes compared to the soprano. It was developed in the 1920s and produces a larger, more melodic and slightly deeper sound than the soprano. It is called a concert ukulele because it is popular for use in orchestras and other performances in large halls. It is tuned to GCEA, and it is perfect for those with slightly bigger hands. Concert ukes are popular with beginners as well who want a richer sound.


Tenor Ukuleles is the third-largest ukulele size. It is the preferred size of many world-renowned ukulele virtuosos and soloists and other professional musicians.  It produces a very resonant and full-sounding tone and is also tuned to GCEA. Due to its size, it is more suited to players with larger hands and long fingers. Beginners might find the Tenor ukulele harder and more rigid to strum versus the more flexible soprano and concert ukes. 


The Baritone ukulele is the fourth and largest size in the entire ukulele family of instruments. It has the same tuning standard as the first four strings of a guitar – DGBE – which makes it different from the other sizes. However, since chord shapes are the same as with GCEA tuning, other uke-size players can quickly adapt to playing the baritone uke.  It has more room in between frets and produces an even larger, deeper, fuller, resonant and almost guitar-like sound than a tenor uke. It is best for more experienced players with wider shoulders and larger hands. It is an impressive instrument to play and can also serve as an introduction to the guitar.

Whatever size you choose, we at UkeNation will have it for you – with various brands, models and sizes available to fit every budget.