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With all of us spending more time at home there has never been a better time to do something creative, and good for the soul – and ANYONE can play the Ukulele.

If you have a Basic Uke – now is the time to upgrade and really enjoy the experience.

Lots of Uke Books and accessories.


A complete specialty ukulele music store in Brisbane for musicians of all levels.

Wide range of ukulele brands and accessories for you to choose from.

20+ years of experience helping musicians with their ukulele needs.

Expert musicians and uke loving staff ready to help you out.


Playing Uke is an incredibly social instruments, with so many ways to learn play and perform! Follow the link below to clubs and teachers all around Brisbane!

Don’t be daunted by what you don’t know, the wise man knows he knows nothing! Follow bellow for answers to the frequently asked questions!


Uke Nation is Brisbane’s #1 Ukulele Store that caters to every level of musical expertise.

Whether you are an expert ukulele player, or an excited beginner looking to get started — the team at Uke Nation can help you with all your ukulele needs. 

Our range of products include leading ukulele brands from Rala, Cordoba, Lanikai, and more. We can even set you up with the right bag, tuner, stand, and books to get you started.



Uke Nation carries the largest selection of ukuleles in Brisbane.


Uke Nation is Brisbane’s most complete and trusted ukulele specialty music shop. We carry a wide range of Brisbane’s finest ukuleles of various brands, sizes, timbres, and budgets for you to choose from.

We also offer accessories such as cases, straps, stands, uke capos, picks, strings, sheet music and more. 

We at Uke Nation love ukuleles!  All our staff are expert ukulele players as well so you’ll get expert advice and tips on how to learn the ukulele. It is one of the easiest instruments to play and can be learned by beginner musicians of any age.

Our community also hosts beginner jam nights and help you get in touch with ukulele teachers and clubs such as the BUMS (Brisbane Ukulele Musicians Society) and other uke communities around Brisbane.


In this digital age, anything can be easily purchased online – even musical instruments.

There is nothing really wrong with this – we sell instruments online too!

We are in love with this fun, quirky and easy to learn instrument and are passionate about sharing the joys of playing it with budding musicians all over Brisbane. Our Uke music shop caters to customers from all walks of life who are interested in ukuleles.

Everyone is welcome – expert, professional musicians, passionate hobbyists and enthusiasts, beginners of every age and even newbies that might still be on the fence about learning how to play.

Our collection is made up of high-quality, hand-picked ukeleles of various brands, sizes and timbres available for any budget. We have very affordable priced models for those just starting out on their musical uke journey and are not ready to commit to purchasing a brand new instrument just yet.

We also gladly receive ukulele players who are looking for like-minded musicians to play with. We organise jam nights for beginners and experts alike, as well as connect you with other uke playing groups and communities around the Brisbane area.

Uke Nation is also the ukulele music shop Brisbane uke enthusiasts visit in case they need repairs and maintenance services as well as teacher and studio referrals.

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At Uke Nation, you can choose from the most complete range of ukuleles in all of Brisbane, as well as print music, along with all the necessary accessories such as extra strings, picks, capos, cases, gig bags, straps and more. 

You will get only the best uke brands at the most affordable prices. We have choices starting from $28 (Mahalo in gig bag), and with every ukulele discounted (no exceptions), you can compare and choose with confidence, at the best internet equivalent price.

You will experience one of the easiest ways to become a musician. We believe that playing an instrument should be made easy, fun and affordable. Uke Nation’s wide range of ukes – in both value for money and premium-priced models –  and its network of uke teachers and uke-playing communities make it more accessible for almost anyone interested in learning how to play.

You will receive the best customer care from our expert musical staff. Our staff are made up of ukulele aficionados – music teachers, tuners, repairers and musicians that can give you expert advice on what is the best type of uke to purchase as well as how to become a better player.

You won’t have to worry about finding a trustworthy repair shop in case of a damaged ukulele. We provide repair and maintenance services and can since restring, tune, clean and refurbish your ukuleles.

You’ll have a great time playing the ukulele with other uke lovers! Join one of Uke Nation’s jam nights and play with old and new friends! We will even refer you to groups such as BUMS (Brisbane Ukulele Musicians Society) which is both rewarding and fun.