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Choosing The Best Ukuleles To Buy For Beginners

The first step to becoming a uke player is to get your own ukulele.

Choosing your first instrument, however, can sometimes be confusing and overwhelming.

At Uke Nation you will find a dizzying array of literally hundreds of uke models to choose from.

They all look different, some colourful, some not and all sounding slightly different.

We at Uke Nation can help in finding what is the best ukulele to buy for a beginner like you.

Three factors can help you with your final choice. Your first ukulele must match your physical size, fall within your allotted budget, and cater to your distinct taste in sound and appearance.

Want a professional to personally assist you in selecting your first ukulele? Get in touch with Uke Nation today.

What Ukulele Size Is Right For Me?

Size is an important factor that determines what is the best ukulele to buy for beginners like you.

Ukes come in four main sizes: soprano – the smallest, concert, tenor and baritone – the largest.

Each size produces a different tone with soprano ukes being the highest and baritone the most guitar sounding of the group. 

The size of your hands and the length of your fingers will come into play.

You might prefer the small, higher-pitched soprano but if your hands are too large, then you need to get a concert or tenor sized uke.

We recommend visiting our store to browse through and try our uke models out for size.

Best Budget For Ukuleles

Your budget is another major factor in finding the best ukuleles to buy for beginners and even expert players.

Uke Nation owns an extensive catalogue of ukes that range from very cheap and affordable to the most deluxe models available.

Ukulele prices generally fall in between $36 to $1000 with Australian and Hawaiian made models up to $2000.

Depending on how much you can afford – affordable $36 ukuleles can be a practical choice for a beginner on a tight budget.

For players looking to invest a lot of time and effort into improving. we advise that you purchase a decent, high-quality, mid-range model that can grow with you as your uke playing talents improve over time.

Taste , Tone, And TimbRE

Finally, the best ukuleles to buy for beginners will depend on your taste for sound and tone or timbre.

No two ukuleles sound the same. Each uke has its distinct timbre.

Ukes are made using different kinds of wood that help produce these unique and different sounds.  

For example, spruce top ukes are brighter sounding vs. mellow and darker sounding mahogany top ukes.

Your taste and preference will help you choose the best uke for you.

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