Uke Nation is a complete specialty ukulele music
store in Brisbane for musicians of all levels. We offer instructional videos on how to play the ukulele.

Brisbane’s most complete ukulele specialty store.

20+ Years of Experience sharing our passion for the ukulele.

High-quality, brand new ukuleles from various brands and in different sizes and timbres available.


Playing the ukulele is very fun and rewarding.

Here is a quick guide to follow once you’ve decided to learn how to play the ukulele.

#1. The first thing to do is to get yourself your own ukulele.

Choosing the best one for you might be overwhelming since there are many models, so we advise that you visit Uke Nation and try some in the shop. 

Your hand and finger length and the different ukulele sizes available will help you determine what the best uke is for you.

#2. Learning to play

Then will you need to decide whether or not to hire a ukulele teacher or try to learn yourself by purchasing one of our excellent lesson books, watching a few of the thousands of video tutorials online.

If you decide to learn on your own, Uke Nation has sheet music available for ukes to assist you further.


The next step in learning how to play the ukulele would be to tune your instrument and to study how to hold it properly.

A properly tuned ukulele makes it sound much better and there are many resources on the internet to teach you how to do it. Using a chromatic tuner that clips onto the ukulele is the easiest and most accurate way.

Learning how to hold your ukulele is a vital first step when starting. Finding a comfortable position early on will help you get used to the instrument faster, and soon you’ll be comfortable playing sitting, standing and even while walking.

We recommend you cradle the ukulele in your dominant arm, holding it to your body via your forearm as you keep its neck in your opposite hand, in the space between your thumb and index finger.

Are you interested in taking formal ukulele music lessons? We can refer you to teachers around the Brisbane area.


Now comes the fun part while learning how to play ukulele – playing actual music!

Learn about chords and study how to play each on the uke.

In time, and with consistent practice, you’ll soon memorise them and be able to play tunes easily.

We also suggest you practice strumming and finger patterns so not only will you be able to change chords quickly, but also play naturally and in rhythm.

Of course, don’t forget to have fun while studying the ukulele and soon, you can join one of Uke Nation’s ukulele jam nights by becoming a member of BUMS (Brisbane Ukulele Musicians Society) and meet other Uke aficionados.